March 24, 2019

Why You Need Artificial Turf In Sydney

There are a lot of benefits to using premium synthetic products over natural grass. Fake grass has come a long way from the days of astro grass and nowadays is very aesthetically pleasing, easy to care for and long lasing.

If you’re considering a switch then read on below to find out why it’s a great choice, especially in Australia.



Life is too short for lawn mowing

Maintaining a lawn can be really time consuming, incredibly expensive and very high maintenance. If you’re looking for a quick way to waste a weekend then there’s no better way than spending all day on lawn care. Installing artificial turf in Sydney can get you your weekends back.

Synthetic turf is low maintenance, easy to keep clean and best of all doesn’t require you to shell out for a lawn mower!

All you need to do to keep it looking great is to water it down once a week to keep dust at bay and the synthetic fibers looking great.

Artificial turf in Sydney doesn’t require anywhere close to the same level of time and attention as your usual lawn would require. There’s no mowing, watering or regular fertilizer purchases required.

You don’t need to go about stumping for aeration, or worry about buying ‘lawn food’ to keep it growing and healthy.

Your grass won’t die off in the summer and turn and unsightly shade of brown, and you won’t need to worry about spending all weekend weeding your garden.

If spending all your time worrying about your garden isn’t really something that brings you joy, then artificial turf in Sydney is the way to go.


Artificial turf for Sydney summer and winter

Australia’s biggest city has some wild seasonal weather. Winter storms and heavy rain is not unusual during the colder months, and gardens can often be wrecked by flood-level water, torrential rain and damaging winds.

The summer months can easily reach 40 degree temperatures that scorch even the healthiest lawns.

Artificial turf in Sydney is perfect in both hot and cold weather. It is designed to cope with anything, water rather than being soaked right in just runs right off and most premium synthetic grass products have great UV protection from the sun, ensuring that they won’t fade over time.


Save on water year round

Australia is a dry place and there are often water restrictions in place to protect our precious water reserves. Australian gardens waste large amounts of water every year and are unnecessarily harmful to the environment.

If you’re concerned about conserving Australia’s precious fresh water resources, then synthetic grass is a responsible choice.

Other than the occasional hose off to prevent dust accumulation, fake grass requires very little care and maintenance and can dramatically reduce your household water needs.


Look out for your kids and pets

Keeping weeds and pests away and lawn healthy often requires the use of dangerous chemicals in Australia that can pose a threat to kids and animals playing on the grass that might get sick from the chemicals.

If you have small children and pets at home then artificial turf in Sydney is a great choice as it doesn’t require any chemical use and is safe for kids and pets to play on.


Get a warranty for your backyard

Unlike your normal lawn, artificial turf in Sydney usually comes with a warranty of eight or more years. Meaning that you can relax knowing that any potential issues that might arise are covered, and you don’t have to worry about your grass potentially dying off in the summer.

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