March 24, 2019

Why Balloon Columns Are An Effective Promotion Tool

white balloons

Failed marketing campaigns are not always harmful to local brands, but it can be time and money wasted.

In 2019 with such a competitive field among public and private sectors, there is a need to source promotional tools that offer cut through in the marketplace.

With a great deal of resources focused on online endeavours including search engine advertisements and social media posts, there is still currency in using effective offline materials.

One of these can be found through balloon columns, light and colourful materials that are formed together to elevate an event or showcase a new product.

Here we will outline why these packages are seen as an effective tool that any business can use.


Cost Effective Packages

The cost of balloon columns can be sourced for cents on the dollar per unit. Given the lightness of the materials and the minimal labour necessary to form the structures, these packages are incredibly cost effective for businesses that require a marketing campaign that pops for the consumer. Marketing departments will be operating under a ceiling when it comes to the funds they can allocate to their budget, so in this setting it is wise to utilise a product that can match quality for investment, offering a return that will be worth it.


Minimal Logistics

From the ordering and design phase of the process to the delivery and installation, the logistics involved with balloon columns are minimal at best. Unlike other ventures where there is a great deal of deliberation to customize the material and implement the product in the right location, this is a means for a brand to access a quality product without investing a great amount of human resources or endeavour.


Maneuvered Between Outdoor and Indoor Settings

pink balloons

From helium to metallic balloon columns or from gas to air-filled designs, there is variety to ensure that a brand can cater to either an indoor or outdoor setting. Those heavier versions are ideally suited for the great outdoors when a company wants to signal to the community that there is a new product on the market, a milestone that has been reached or the grand opening of a new store in town. This is where a more durable item can be sourced to ward off any high winds, heavy rains or heat that can be exposed. Others that are lighter to float up to the ceiling are great for customers who want a takeaway in the store or to make it apart of the décor.


Creative Framework

Balloon columns stand as an empty canvas that can be tweaked and altered in any which direction. If a brand wants to make the colour pop out front of a store or to offer more dull colours that fit into a professional décor, both can be achieved. From large archways for a grand entrance to complimentary items that help to support a doorway or to highlight a stand, there is a limitless range of potential and possibilities for these packages.


Crosses Customer Profile Demographics

balloons on air

Outside of free gift baskets and fireworks, there are not many more marketing ploys that businesses can use that span the diverse demographic spectrum than balloon columns. From young children to the elderly, parents and singles to the working and upper class, black, white, aboriginal, Asian, men and women, these are items that draw the eye and exude a sense of fun and celebration. Brands can spend thousands of dollars dissecting and analyzing their customer profiles in depth to understand what can score traction in the market. These columns provide an opportunity to place all of that homework to one side to showcase what the organisation is all about to the community.


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