October 11, 2018

Causes for your digital marketing campaign to fail

When you are starting or continuing a digital marketing campaign you probably have already done extensive research into what helps make a campaign succeed. However a lot of people tend to not look into the measures that can cause its down fall.

The causes of failure are just as if not more important as the factors that can make it succeed. If you are using a Melbourne SEO agency or a different kind of third party to run your campaign they should already know the causes for failure but knowing yourself can also help you set up the campaign for success.

Below are some of the causes that you need to be aware of that could lead to the failure of your digital marketing campaign.

Website optimisation

A very easy way to cause the failure of your digital marketing campaign before it even properly starts is having a poorly optimised website. The main goal of all SEO and PPC campaigns is to direct people searching on the internet to your website. If your website is poorly optimised and just simply doesn’t flow or engage your visitor base there is no point in wasting money investing in redirection methods.

Before you start with any good digital marketing agency they will always analyse your website before starting any SEO or PPC strategies because as previously mentioned it is like directing cars to a dead end. A good website will engage visitors and get them more interested in your website with the underlying goal of them becoming a client the priority.

Poor website optimisation can account for high bounce rates, low average session times and a low amount of leads with visitors still coming in.

Black hat SEO efforts

In the SEO world there are two different streams of approaching SEO known as white hat and black hat strategies. White hat can be deemed as the ethical and appropriate methods that you should be taking to increase your Google ranking. This includes optimising your website with relevant and engaging content, link building and building a reliable review platform. White hat SEO methods is what all digital marketing agencies should be using as black hat methods can have negative outcomes.

Black hat SEO methods are what Google deems as unethical ways to artificially boost your Google ranking. Google frowns upon any website that uses these tactics and can lead to them having their listing on Google removed completely which can tank your online presence completely. Black hat SEO methods include link spam, invisible text and webpages on your website.

The budget

Naturally with all investments, the more you can put into something the larger return you will get. Digital marketing is no different and a reasonable budget needs to be determined for you to achieve your goals. SEO budgets are mostly poured into the improvement of your website while PPC is to allow you to capture certain search terms and have more of them.

Depending on what your goals are, you need to assess what these services cost and then adjust if they don’t meet with what you have in mind. For example website redesign is not a cheap service can cost several thousands of dollars which for many people and small business owners is not feasible.

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