November 16, 2018

Pick and Pack Services Taking The Flat Out Of Your Flat Pack

You buy a coffee table, a bookshelf or maybe you purchased a cupboard. You get your purchase home or have it delivered, excited by your new purchase only to find out you have three to four flat pack boxes to now try to put together. We have all felt this sting. When I think flat pack the first place I think is IKEA but in fact, most furniture comes in flat packs these days. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a professional company do all of the hard work for you?


Nobody likes having to spend hours putting together a brand new piece of furniture that you just spent hours picking out. Pick and pack services are here to reduce the frustration and will come to your home or office and put together your flat pack saving you a lot of hassle.

pick and pack services


The instructions that come with your flat pack can send the most intelligent person into hair-ripping frustration. Although they look quite simple, the instructions can be very difficult to decipher. The experts at the pick and pack service have many years of experience reading and understanding these puzzles known as instructions and can easily put your furniture together for you.


Quite often all we have on hand are screwdrivers. The instructions tell you to use a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer and that is all. 30 screws later your hands are shaking, they are aching and blisters begin to show and your shelf is wobbling because you can’t seem to get the screws in tight enough. Some of the nails that you hammered in have become bent and you had to toss them away leaving you short. By using a pick and pack service you can sit back and relax knowing they have all the tools (hand-held tools and battery powered) and also spare nails and screws, to complete the job correctly ending with you having sturdy furniture.


Many couples have ended up in screaming matches because of the stress and frustration of putting together a flat pack. Damage to walls may be done when something falls, and fingers can be squashed or cut. Sometimes your item just simply does not fit into the space you originally planned for it to go. All of these headaches can be erased with using a pick and pack service. They will measure the space you want it to be placed and give you the option of where you want it to be put instead if it doesn’t fit. Any damage to paintwork or door frames, etc, will be fixed leaving you with a stress-free day.


A pick and pack service will offer fast and professional help. With a reliable and trustworthy handyman, you can put your mind at ease when you let them into your home. You can rest assure that nothing in your home will be touched unless it is directly involved in putting together your item or putting it into its place, i.e moving other furniture to make it fit.


When attempting to put together your new shelf there is the chance of screws going in wrong causing big holes, or you bend something the wrong way and it snaps. Another benefit of using a reputable company is that if by chance part of your flat pack is damaged, you will have your item replaced. Pick and pack service companies are insured to cover any damages. You will have brand new furniture by the time they leave your property.


So if you have made a purchase and it just happens to need putting together from a flat pack with those horrible instructions, consider hiring a professional pick and pack service. You can sit back and relax knowing the hard work is all being completely taken care of.

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