October 23, 2021

Real Estate Wagga Wagga Loves This City

If you’re a true-blue Aussie, or you want to feel the true Australian spirit in your lifestyle, then you can’t go past visiting real estate in Wagga Wagga to take a look at the ninth largest inland city steeped in history and tradition, with vast open landscapes and lush greenery, sporting pride, and a modern lifestyle equal to any major metropolitan centre. Real estate in Wagga Wagga will bring to your attention all the benefits of living in this glorious Australian city.

Whether it’s a tour of the flourishing acres of the botanical gardens, or a relaxing day on the beaches of the Murrumbidgee River you’re after; or whether you’re part of the thriving truck industry that passes through the area; or an intellectual attracted by the academic record and reputation of Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga has always drawn huge numbers of people from surrounding towns and places as a place to live. With a population exceeding 56, 000 residents and is positioned halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, it’s no wonder this once historical colonial settlement is so sought after.

There are five main reasons to visit some real estate in Wagga and find out why this country metropolis is the place to be, to bring up your family, or to settle in for a lifetime:

  • Location
  • Landscape
  • Lifestyle
  • History
  • Culture

Why is the Location of Wagga Wagga so Special?

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Wagga Wagga is part of the Riverina region and is bordered on one side by the Great Dividing Range as it descends into low bedrock foothills. The city’s moderate subtropical landscape is serviced by the Murrumbidgee River which is said to host the 5.00 pm wave which flows down the river at the exact time every day because of upper dams being released. Surfboarders have been known to ride this wave at its peak, and it is said to be the reason why there are so many great sportsmen to have seen success from Wagga; there is some special nutrient in the river bed that infuses the land.

Wagga Wagga is Country

Agriculture farms provide a booming industry for Wagga Wagga as does the connecting highways that link Sydney to Wagga to Melbourne. The first industry provides cereal other crops that make up a huge portion of NSW’s production and also with a livestock industry that has been stable for decades, the farming industry of this beautiful city is around $300 million a year.

Wagga Wagga is Transport

As a trucking destination, Wagga Wagga is a prime location for long haulers making the roads between Sydney and Melbourne with other highways linking the metropolis to other major towns and cities. Real estate in Wagga Wagga will point out that despite such a bustling industry, there are properties so peaceful and quiet you might think you’re living in the deepest parts of the botanic gardens or own acreages that are in the middle of a peaceful pristine farming belt.  

Wagga Wagga is Intellect and Culture

An agent from Wagga Wagga’s property sector will also point out to you the highly regarded Charles Sturt University with state-of-the art campus facilities and distance learning as well. Wagga is a historical colonial settlement with deep connections to the indigenous history of Australia and its cosmopolitan lifestyle fuses heritage with all the modern advantages of a technological 21st century. Culture is alive in this modern metro town with quality restaurants and pubs, and yearly festivals that will keep those favouring eclectic tastes busy through all seasons.

And if you’re planning to make Wagga Wagga your home, you might one day find yourself rubbing shoulders with sporting heroes the likes of Clarke and Sterling. You might thank real estate in Wagga Wagga for allowing you to chat one day over afternoon tea, about the Wagga Effect on sportsman with one of those famous sportsmen.

Real estate in Wagga Wagga is proud to promote a city that is vibrant and cultured, historical and homely, with a location that makes it a major player not only in NSW and Australia but also in the world.

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