June 29, 2019

Why The SMA Sunny Boy Inverter is an Industry Leader

Having solar panels installed for a home or business is a major advantage to accessing a better quality source of energy.

Unlike locations that still rely on the public grid, these outlets become self-sustaining models that gets more from less.

However, these products can be let down if there is not a quality solar inverter to support the purchase.

These brands enable an efficient conversion process to take place between the direct current output and the alternating current.

Enter the Sol Distribution SMA sunny boy inverter, a German product that has become an industry leader.

Wireless Connectivity

Sol Distribution SMA sunny boy inverter can be connected to a home or business Ethernet cable or even through a WiFi system for wireless connectivity. Just like linking up a tablet or smart television to the local internet source, this capability makes it simple and easy for users to configure the program at their leisure. This online connection allows the individual to enjoy a range of services, from running a comprehensive fault diagnostic to monitoring consumption rates and checking the account through a user-friendly online platform.

Large User Display and Remote Access

From extensive graphs and portal overviews to data analysis and performance reviews, the SMA sunny boy inverter gives the owner a great amount of information to utilize at their convenience. Yet it can be difficult with these particular items to read that information given the size of the box. In this regard the SMA brand transitions much of the data to digital platforms that gives a large user display. Owners can take advantage of their desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles to leverage remote access.

Dual Tracking Application

In order to truly maximize solar production, a dual tracking application should be utilised. This is a feature that is front and center of the SMA sunny boy inverter. Other models are regularly stuck into fixed positions and they are reliant on consuming the rays from the sun at a specific time of day. Should any external factors affect that process, then the consumer is shortchanged. The dual tracking approach generates far more energy as the item has the capacity to switch position. Irrespective of the conditions, this is an investment that will actively go after the resource rather than waiting for it to come to them.

Domestic Support

The SMA sunny boy inverter has been designed by one of the most innovative and creative German companies in the industry, but that has not prevented the brand from extending their support reach to other domestic markets. Australian customers can still access customer support representatives and speak to them in real time and in person. SMA understands that Australia is very much at the forefront of solar energy consumption and they have seen the potential to leverage their German engineering credentials to a country that can optimize their products.

Extensive Warranty

The good news for those consumers who do decide to invest in an SMA sunny boy inverter is that they are covered for a minimum period of 5 years. This warranty timeframe protects the client should any fault or damage occur within that window, ensuring that homeowners and business owners alike don’t have to pay for repairs or replacements should a setback be experienced. Other brands within the industry have been reticent to offer a simple package with this new form of technology, but that is not the case with SMA.


Given the amount of industry-leading features that are on offer through the SMA sunny boy inverter, it will become a commonplace investment around Australian homes and businesses. Solar energy is quickly adapting and innovating, but this brand has been at the forefront of that evolution over the past decade. Consumers understand what types of brands are leaders and others who are followers. This is an organisation that fits the former category.

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