January 12, 2019

What You Need to Know Before Getting a New Hot Water Cylinder in NZ

When your current hot water cylinder in NZ needs to be replaced or repaired you have several different options available to you. You can choose to repair the module yourself or by a professional or choose to get the whole system replaced instead. Both have drawbacks and merits so it is important that you know everything about hot water cylinders in NZ before you make your decision.

If you decide to choose to have a new system put in place there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you go through with your decision. We have compiled a short but sweet list to help breakdown everything you need to know about hot water cylinders in NZ.


Mains pressure vs traditional gravity

showerA lot of the households in New Zealand are equipped with mains pressure units now. They are by far superior to the traditional gravity systems as they have a higher H2O pressure for your home and they also heat things up quicker. If you find that your shower takes too long to heat up with the current system you have, it may be time for a change to a mains pressure system.

A lot of new tap systems that you can get installed in your home only work with a mains pressure system, which us why a lot of homes are making the switch. Why limit yourself to only a certain amount of taps? The modern home should have the opportunity for every kind of faucets.

Additionally the mains pressure systems come in stainless steel along with an extensive range of different capacity models. Different families have different needs which is why these models are here to accommodate for you.


Capacity of your hot water cylinder in NZ

As we briefly mentioned before, hot water cylinders in NZ come in many different capacities. There is an extensive range of sizes to meet the demand of any household. The most common capacities for these units are; 135 L, 180 L, 250 L and 300 L. If your family has a lot of people in it who are trying to use the heat at the same time you may want to opt for a larger capacity model.

Studios or in households where there is only one occupant will benefit more from a smaller model. This way you won’t have to shell out for a size that you won’t fully use.


The location of the installation

The average Joe doesn’t have the experience or expertise to install a hot water cylinder in NZ as they aren’t fully aware of how the system works. If anyone could install them effectively they would but here is something that most people tend to overlook. The most common aspect that gets overlooked is where the system should be installed.

Where there’s room is always a bonus but not a priority. If you have a large home the distance from the hot water cylinder in NZ matters due to travel time. You may install the unit at one end of the home with great heat and pressure but the other end is lacking. This is why it is important to get a professional to find the optimal installation point for your home.

Sometimes there won’t be a perfect point which will result in another mini system being installed. It is some extra piping that continuously pumps the heater H2O in a loop to ensure that all ends of the house get what they need at a reasonable speed.

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