February 28, 2019

What To Expect When Visiting An Abortion Clinic In Sydney

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Terminating a pregnancy is an incredibly tough decision to make. There are so many factors to consider when coming to a decision, all of which is made more difficult by the fact that the process itself is still controversial. Furthermore, the laws regarding the process are incredibly complicated and confusing from state to state in Australia. For example, NSW law dictates that the act is a criminal offence and is punishable by up to ten years in prison. However, doctors operating in an abortion clinic in Sydney for example, can terminate a pregnancy if they believe the woman’s physical or mental health will be compromised by the child’s birth. A similar law is in effect in Queensland. So, if you make the decision to visit an abortion clinic in Sydney, here is what to expect and how to prepare.

Consider all your options

Before making an appointment with your abortion clinic in Sydney, it is really important that you consider all your options. It can be hard to contemplate the process without feeling emotional or distressed by the outcome. Nonetheless, it is important that you consider every possible outcome and the respective consequences of each choice. Talk with close friends and family you trust when making the decision. If you see no viable situation where you can emotionally, physically and financially support and nurture the child, then a termination is an option you should consider.

Make sure someone comes with you

If you have made the decision to terminate, it can be really helpful to have someone with you when you visit your abortion clinic in Sydney. It could be a member of your family or a close friend – just someone you trust.

They can stay with you in the waiting room, however, when it comes time to the consultation, they will have to wait for you in the waiting room.

Arrange travel

Following your procedure, it is essential that you have transport organised. You are not allowed to operate a vehicle following your consultation, so ensure that the person coming with you can drive you home. If not, you’ll need to plan public transport ahead of time.

What you need to bring

Before you attend your appointment at an abortion clinic in Sydney, it is important that you remember what you need to bring. You need to bring any medication you might be taking at the time and any information from your regular GP about your existing medical conditions (if any). You also need to bring your referral letter from your doctor. You should also bring an extra pair of comfortable underwear and sanitary pads for after the procedure.

Fasting guidelines

In preparation for your consultation with an abortion clinic in Sydney, you need to be aware of any fasting guidelines. For a medical procedure, you cannot consume alcohol 24 hours before the procedure or 48 hours after the consultation. A surgical procedure without an anaesthetic follows the same fasting guidelines. However, a surgical procedure with an anaesthetic requires more stringent fasting requirements. You cannot consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment and you must stop eating 6 hours before the consultation. You cannot drink liquids 2 hours before your surgical procedure.

Post-procedure tips

Following your appointment with your abortion clinic in Sydney, it can be hard to control your feelings. On one hand, you might be relieved that it’s all over; however, you may also feel a sense of guilt, loss and anxiety. These emotions are all perfectly reasonable. You simply can’t blame yourself.

Talk to people you trust about the emotions you are experiencing. Identify your strengths and understand your value as a human being. Consider seeing a counselor if the emotions get too powerful and negative.

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