February 16, 2019

Top 10 Luxury Party Dress Styles for Children

cute little baby wearing a dress

Whether you’re planning for a wedding or first birthday party, christening, deciding which luxury party dress for children to choose can be a challenge – there are so many options!

The style you end up selecting can depend on various factors, such as your daughter’s age, the occasion and possibly even cultural influences.

From the blouson to the yoke, we’ve made a list of the top 10 styles to make your decision a little bit easier. Here they are:



A gown is typically considered to be cream of the crop when it comes to choosing a luxury party dress for children. Bold, elegant and beautiful, and is worn at formal events, an example of this are the best christening gowns. It is a long style, reaching the feet, and consists of a bodice and skirt.



The shift is a short, straight style characterised by simple, tidy lines. It is usually sleeveless, although some may have short or off-the-shoulder sleeves. The shift is loose fitting rather than being closely fitted to the body – it’s classically minimalist with little to no embellishment. While typically worn by women, it can also make a great luxury party dress for children, especially those who are a little bit older.



The A-line is one of the most popular formal styles, and for good reason – it’s extremely flattering to all body types. This is due to the fact that it is fitted at the waist and widens outwards to the hem, creating a shapely, triangular silhouette that resembles an ‘A’.



The lehenga is a long, ankle-length garment worn by Indian women and young girls on formal occasions. Typically made of silk, this is a bright, colourful style which traditionally features Indian embellishments. Colours such as red and pink look lovely on young girls. This is a great option for those looking for an Indian luxury party dress for children.



The blouson has a fitted waist which results in the top part of the garment draping over the waistband. The bottom portion of the blouson is typically fitted or slightly fitted, resulting in a fun, quirky look that works well as a luxury party dress for children.



The swing has an A-line shape, however it fans out at the chest rather than the waist. This makes it a flowy style that ‘swings’ when you walk. It’s a great choice for those looking for something gentle and a little bit boho.


Empire line

The empire line has a fitted bodice which comes in just above the waist, giving a high-waisted appearance. It comes in midi and maxi options, though both generally feature a loosely-fitted, gathered skirt. It looks gorgeous as a formal garment for kids and comes in a range of colours, fabrics and patterns.



The yoke is a luxury party dress for children which features a shaped top part of the bodice that is separate from the rest of the bodice. It may have a front or back yoke, or both. The bottom part of the yoke is usually short, straight and loose fitted.



The tutu typically consists of a bodice attached to a short, gathered skirt made of tulle. Conjuring up images of ballerinas, the tutu has a soft, feminine and innocent look which makes it a great luxury party dress for children, especially the young ones.



The wrap is closed at the front by wrapping one side of the garment across the other and knotting it at the waist. The wrap has a playful, fun look and comes in a range of colours and styles.

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