February 10, 2019

Sydney Divorce Lawyers Can Change Your Life

“Sydney divorce lawyers”, Tom kept repeating the phrase over and over. He knew it was the time to find them. After over 5 years of happy marriage and 2 years of unhappy marriage, he thought to himself nearly four times a day about finding the best Sydney divorce lawyers in town to help him out of his miserable situation.

It had all started at Christmas time, the first occasion that he remembers thinking about enlisting the help of Sydney divorce lawyers, people who could help him escape from his marriage. It wasn’t supposed to be like this he thought. Sure, he knew there would be struggles along the way, maybe even some time spent apart which could help in the long run, but he never thought he would feel this way about his other half. He now despised her, hated living under the same roof as her and created reasons to stay late at the office. The only thing he hates more than his job is his wife, so that was difficult.

He’d find new tasks that really didn’t need to be done, oiling the hinges on the doors, changing the filter on the dishwasher, even dusting down the bulbs. If there was any menial task in the office, Tom would find it, stay late after hours and complete it. It didn’t give him any feeling of satisfaction but only put off the inevitability of having to call up Sydney divorce lawyers to help him out of his misery.



Reasons to do so had been piling up for months until that fateful Christmas Eve, it still pains Tom to think about it and he has only told one other soul, his mother. To tell anyone else would be much to difficult. He nearly backed out of disclosing all to his mum but knew the cathartic release from telling his story.

It may seem spurious to Sydney divorce lawyers, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. On the day before Christmas, Tom’s wife, Melanie, woke up, walked down to the kitchen and found Tom eating his cereal with a side of toast, the usual ritual, repeated 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Melanie made a beeline for the fridge and as was the norm Tom reminded her to close the fridge as she pondered what to bring over to the counter to make her breakfast. Unlike Tom, Melanie lived life a bit on the wild side, not deciding what she wanted to eat until the fridge door was open.


Up until now, Melanie had always heeded Tom’s advice to close the door but on this fateful day she didn’t, she gathered together all the ingredients for breakfast, one trip after another from fridge to counter. Melanie knew this would annoy him, Tom knew Melanie knew this would annoy him too and with that he jumped up slammed the fridge door shut, took out his phone and typed the words Sydney divorce lawyers into his phone.

The results he received were instant, he found Sydney divorce lawyers in Parramatta, Blacktown, Bondi Junction, Mascot and the city. There was no shortage that was for sure. He called up the nearest legal professional and the number rang out. He tried once more and the same happened again. Tom thought this was a sign from God to work on his marriage, then he remembered it was Christmas Eve and businesses were shut. On the 27th he got through to someone who could help and that is how Sydney divorce lawyers transformed Tom’s life from one of anger living with a person hated to one of loneliness living the life of a bachelor.


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