June 20, 2019

Storeowner Tips for Selecting Quality Café Blinds

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There is nothing better for café owners to invest in Burns for Blinds quality set of café blinds for their establishment.

Customers can sit within a pergola, patio, balcony or alfresco setting and soak in the rays of sunshine without being overwhelmed by the exposure.

Homeowners also find these products beneficial for their premises when inviting guests and hosting parties, so there is no reason why they can’t transition within the field of hospitality.

Here we will look at some shopping tips for owners who want to leverage those benefits for their own customers.


Be Colour Conscious

The first tip for shop owners when purchasing café blinds is to be conscious of the colour scheme. If there is too distinct a contrast between the surrounding décor and outdoor foliage to the item in question, that won’t offer a picturesque environment. Customers love to take snaps when they are out and about and for the store itself it is great to have a photogenic landscape to portray to the community, but a mixture of cool, neutral and warm colours can discourage people subconsciously. Seek out a scheme that compliments the location and ties in with the tone of the establishment.


Usability For Operators

Café blinds that are difficult or awkward for employees to use makes for a tough working environment. Particularly for establishments who are faced with continued sunlight exposure during the morning or afternoon sessions, there is always a need to have an item that can be switched and maneuvered according to the time of day and warmth of the premises. This can be seen with a clip-and-tension model, a manually operated design or a motorised brand that gives individuals the chance to alter the position of the vertical slats.


Consider The Material and Fabric Selection

A fundamental choice will need to be made for owners seeking quality café blinds – to opt for practicality and ease of use against an aesthetic and warm option. The synthetic materials in this industry provide shoppers with a product that is easy to use, easy to clean and will sustain any type of fading concerns to be entirely durable. Once it is purchased and installed, it can remain sturdy for the long-term. Yet other types of establishments are happy to invest more in a silk, wool or cotton brand, allowing the room to trap in more heat and providing a more prestigious and luxurious look for the premises. Some materials may strike a balance, but customers should understand this dynamic and come ready with a preference for their café blinds selection.


Professional Installation Assistance

The final mistake that owners can make after they have completed a transaction for their café blinds is to think they can install the item off their own accord. Irrespective if this is a standard brand or something more intricate with an automated model, there can be damage caused by amateur installation when the right practices are not engaged. The best retailers in this industry will be able to deliver and install on the same day, giving storeowners piece of mind knowing that they have professional assistance on the ground in real time. That way they can pass on their own tips and tricks from their experiences, offering advice on where to place a remote and what items should be kept clear.



The best tactic for storeowners to adopt when seeking out café blinds is not to rush the process or settle for the most convenient product just because it is close and on the market. An item as prevalent and visible as a blind application requires a touch of diligence without needing to be over analysed or examined like a professional decorator. Have a budget in mind, speak with trusted storeowners who have their own experiences and see up close what choice will suit the establishment best.


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