March 16, 2019

Signs of Stand-Out Wedding Photography in Sydney

wedding photographer capturing the moment

When you’re getting married, selecting the right wedding photography in Sydney is super important. The images you end up with are going to last you a lifetime, and you want your special day to be captured in the best light possible.

But with so many pros out there on the market, how do you find the one for you? It turns out that there’s more to an artist than just the quality of their snaps.

Here are 5 tips for choosing the right wedding photography in Sydney:

Make sure your philosophies and personalities vibe

Considering you’ll be spending more time with the artist than with your maid of honour on the big day, it’s pretty important that the two of you get along. You want someone who ‘gets you’; someone with a personality and worldview that matches yours. This isn’t just because it makes them more enjoyable to be around – it also means that they’re more likely to take snaps using a perspective and style that you appreciate.

To find the right wedding photography in Sydney for you, have a look through the about section on your favourite artist’s websites. This will give you an insight into what they’re like as a person. Once you’ve done this, schedule an in-person meeting or a Skype call to determine whether or not you get along.

If you’re having a night ceremony, make sure they can shoot in the dark

Just because someone can take great shots in daylight doesn’t automatically mean they can take great shots at night. Shooting in low-light situations can be challenging as many cameras are unequipped to deal with the lack of light. Make sure your chosen professional has experience taking snaps at night. They should either have a good lighting kit or a camera that can shoot well in the dark – flash may help, too.

Read online wedding photography in Sydney reviews

While you might love their pictures, they could be difficult to deal with behind the scenes. From being poor time managers to being bad at taking direction, your dream professional could have some annoying habits that you’d be better off without. Reading client reviews is a great way to find out what the artist is like on the job. That being said, no person is going to be perfect – it’s a matter of deciding what combination of strengths and weaknesses you’re happy with.

Look into their pricing

Pricing may not necessarily be straightforward – many wedding photography in Sydney professionals may have hidden costs and additional fees for services you may consider to be a given. Things like albums, extra hours and high-resolution images may not be included in the original quote. It’s important to check to make sure everything you’re after is covered (unless you’re super wealthy and aren’t worried about costs!).

Decide if you dig their style

And of course, make sure you love their style. Go through different artist’s portfolios and make note of the wedding photography in Sydney that really stands out to you – and be honest. Make sure that their style will work in the context of your own marriage ceremony – you may love an artist’s candid shots but would prefer someone who will let you pose with your parents. Beyond this, you can also assess the way in which each artist tells a story. Lighting and composition play a big role in creating style and mood. Do you want someone with a moody, documentary or classic style? Desaturated or oversaturated? Don’t think too hard about it, though – you’ll know it when you see it.

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