November 24, 2021

How To Use A Smoking Pipe Like A Pro

Smoking has seen quite an evolution since it was discovered. Many people have come up with various ways to smoke tobacco and other substances to maintain smoking evolution. That is why you find techniques like the use of a smoking pipe to inhale smoke for pleasure. This leads us to the question; what is a smoking pipe?

What is a Smoking Pipe?

You might have heard about a smoking pipe for you to be here looking for its definition and answers pertaining to it. Well, it is not new on the market as its use dates back to the 17th century. A smoking pipe is a tube-like device that is used to take in smoke from burning dry herbs or substances through the nose. These pipes are usually made up of heather, briar, clay, glass, cherry, porcelain, corn, and acrylic, among other materials.

Pipe smoking has its advantages, and that is why many people are going in that direction. It helps deliver massive hits and clouds. This hence provides a sense of calmness to relieve stress and achievement. Let us now delve into how to use a smoking pipe like an expert.

Requirements for a Smoking Pipe

Smoking pipe

Before you embark on using a smoking pipe, you need to confirm that you have the following items;

·         Pipe 

Smoking a pipe will not start without the pipe itself. However, getting a pipe can be challenging as they come in various shapes and forms. As for the cost, you should work within your budget. Corn pipes, also referred to as corncob pipes, are ideal for beginners because they are inexpensive but effective.

·         Pipe tool

The tool features various small devices that help in filling, smoking, and clearing the pipe. This tool may often come in a 3-in-1 device featuring a reamer, pick, and tamper. A reamer takes the shape of a flattened spoon to scrape the ash and the remaining debris in the pipe after smoking. That narrow pin is called the pick and is used to aerate closely packed tobacco and also clears the accumulation of debris. A tamper, on the other hand, is a nail-like instrument that tamps the tobacco down as it is packed in a bowl and crushes the ash to help in relighting.

·         Cleaners

After every experience with your smoking pipe, you need to clean the pipe to ensure a better experience in your next pipe smoking.

·         Lighter

There are specific lighters that are designed for smoking pipes. Make sure to look for that to avoid getting burnt in the process.

·         Tobacco

You need a supply of tobacco to complete the smoking bit.

Using a Smoking Pipe like a Pro

First, you take out your tobacco and place it in the bowl loosely as you press it down lightly using a tamper. Repeat the process until you firmly fill up the bowl and leave a tiny space at the top of the bowl.

Secondly, you need to place the pipe in your mouth to conduct a test draw. Make sure the air passes freely in the bowl containing the tobacco. If not, then you should slightly loosen the tobacco. This usually requires one to start the fill-up all over again.

Thirdly, light the pipe using butane lighters to maintain the tobacco taste. You should swirl the lighter under the bowl while you gently take in draws on your pipe. Put off the lighter once the tobacco is evenly lit, smoke, and then relight the bowl again to keep enjoying the flavors.

Finally, sit back and savor the flavors of the tobacco in your smoking pipe. Just make sure to inhale steady puffs to prevent burning your tongue (tongue bite). Relight whenever you feel the pipe go out to continue smoking.


The smoking pipe provides an enjoyable experience, especially to those who know what they are doing. With the steps above, you can get the best experience from smoking a pipe.

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