October 10, 2021

Corporate Flu Shots Make Dollars, Not To Mention Sense!

Looking to increase your businesses turnover and profitability? Then corporate flu shots might just be the jab in the arm your company needs this year.

It’s hard enough to maintain productivity through those long winter months when your workers leave home in the dark and don’t get back in front of their heater until long after sunset after sitting at their workspace looking out the window at grey skies all day.

But the change of seasons is a fact of life, which means it is inevitable that winter will come around sooner rather than later and that is why it is wise to have your staff prepared.

About the only thing worse than having to attend work with a fever and headache is having someone at the desk next door to you coughing and spluttering as you well know it is only a matter of time before you are going to be inflicted with the same malady.

Increase productivity within your corporation.

A happy work place is a productive workplace and that is why corporate flu shots not only make sense, they will make you dollars as well.

In this fast paced, hustle and bustle of the ever-connected modern world, what was once the common strain of the flu is now evolving at an expediential and unparalleled rate.

What we used to call the common cold or a bad flu that would have had you laid up for 48 hours at best, can now quickly mutate into a serious illness.

This can erode your staff of leave of which they may require in the future to attend to a more serious illness of their family, friend or of a loved one, as well increase the burden of your current staffing pools as well as add the cost of relying on hiring expensive on call casual labour.

Flu shots are a good option for your staff and your corporation

corporate flu shots

The labour hire market is as competitive as it has ever been with a vast range of job options, most notably, thanks to technology, the ability to perform your work remotely which is ever appealing.

But if yours is a workplace that requires hands-on attention, face-to-face consultation or your staff to travel through different parts of the local area or even further abroad, subsidized corporate flu shots are a great added incentive to entice the right kind of staff and employees to your company.

Are corporate flu shots expensive?

Compared to the downtime and loss of productivity through sick leave associated with your staff being bed ridden by the flu, the simple answer is no. If you immunise your staff this flu season from the flu, you are sure to come out lengths ahead of what your outcomes have been in previous years not to mention giving consideration to your business rivals who do not provide a corporate flu shot scheme for their employees.

But corporate flu shots are more than just about the business bottom dollar.

People want to work for employers that genuinely value their contribution. And by providing a corporate flu shot scheme for your valued staff, you will send a strong message that this is the case.

On the back of that, you will find your staff retention has greater longevity. Your current staff will be more productive. And your overall reputation as a socially responsible employer will be communicated throughout the business world.

The big wheel of your corporation is only as good as the many cogs that make up its parts. And that is why providing corporate flu shots will not only make dollars for your business, but it also makes sense for your staff.

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