May 21, 2022

Commercial Advice When Assessing Newcastle Self-Storage Facilities

Businesses are regular tenants of Newcastle self-storage facilities. Particularly for small and medium outlets that have to store, protect and move stock from one point to the next, it pays to utilise outsourced assistance. Instead of rushing this exercise, it is worthwhile adhering to advice from those who have been through these steps previously.   

Storage Location 

The placement of Newcastle self storage facilities will often be decisive for managers and owners. Too far North, West or South and the entire project can be a logistical hassle. By scouting outlets for their precise location and their proximity to sites further south towards Sydney or north heading to Coffs Harbour and South-East Queensland, it will be possible to see what is viable for the sake of the brand. 

Size & Profile of Facility 

Some Newcastle self-storage facilities will be perfect for maintaining documents, paperwork, office supplies, computers, electronic equipment and more. Others are geared for housing ingredients, food stock and liquids. Then there are outlets that are developed for agriculture, for vehicles, expensive artwork, shipment supplies and more. Commercial enterprises that are navigating their way around these environments need to recognise what they are storing and how much they need to store before agreeing to any kind of package because these discrepancies will become obvious once different demands are in play. 

Site Availability 

Newcastle self storage facilities

Are Newcastle self-storage facilities available right now? What is their schedule like and will there be listed vacancies for required days and nights? There will be outlets that appear to tick all of the right boxes, but if they do not have openings on hand, that will force owners and managers to look for alternative solutions, whether internal or external. It is advisable to make early contact to avoid a scheduling conflict where possible, particularly for organisations that need to be prepared for dealing with courier partners and business affiliates

Security Resources 

Local businesses that want to secure storage assistance in the Hunter should consider security provisions as a priority. This is one of the key incentives why outlets will choose to outsource this domain rather than seek internal storage solutions. From security surveillance to digital lock codes, traditional lock and key access to gates that guard initial entry, it is worthwhile surveying what kind of resources they have to hand to protect the integrity of the valuables. 

Assessing Fees & Billing Policies 

The cost of doing business with Newcastle self-storage facilities will fluctuate and depend entirely on the company. This places the emphasis on the commercial client doing their homework and requesting quotes. What price do they set and are there bulk discounts for continued hiring and penalty payments for early cancellation? If the premises can be flexible with their payment schemes and policies, that will be a major advantage for businesses that want to be versatile and keep their options open down the line. 

Business Reputation in the Community 

Taking a big picture look at the performance of Newcastle self-storage facilities always serves community members well. There will be a number of other business operators in the Hunter who have discussions about who to use, who is reliable, who is affordable and which locations have the scope to handle their resources. If those relationships are not established, there will always be the Internet, giving constituents an opportunity to read up on reviews, examine 5-star ratings and track digital performance courtesy of search engines, social media channels and apps. 

Commercial organisations need to be thoughtful and calculated when assessing which Newcastle self-storage facilities are right for them. Should they have their priorities in place and ensure they are using the right units for these placements, then the wellbeing of the brand will be top of the agenda.  

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